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What's in a name?

Nothing... At first. But it earns respect, trust, and becomes a valuable tool for your business.

It is the first thing people will see, or the first thing they are looking for.

In the case of Granbury Airport Shuttle it becomes so valuable apparently that other companies use it to misdirect potential


These bad business practices go deeper than advertising. And since these examples are first hand I'll put on my reporter hat and break the news.

I have phone call recordings and vehicle camera footage to back up both of these events so if either company would like to deny it Ill pop it up on our youtube channel for them to review. Ill even tag them so they and people actually looking for them on google can find it easier.

This Google ad isn't ours


One time decided they didn't have the ability to pick up a customer at the airport, a customer that they took to the airport in the first place days before.

So they called us pretending to be the customer, gave us the clients name, arrival time, phone number and CREDIT CARD NUMBER... if limo valet was the traveler.

saying things like "I am arriving tonight"

We didn't know at the time the scheme going on and took the reservation like any other reservation.

We pick-up the passenger, who we later determined had too many bags

(Even for a Grand 2004 Limousine) and that was why Limo Valet passed on doing the return trip.

The customer however was still unclear why we were there, and not Limo Valet, She didn't understand why she was paying us when she had already paid the other company.

She called Limo Valet.

Donna answered the phone and said. "you're being refunded by us and have a ride" Click!

Wow, Bravo, Amazing customer service. * sarcastic slow clap*

This cookie-cutter website full of clipart isn't us.

The Airport Service:

This one is a very desperate move...

We had a pick-up in Pecan Plantation. upon arrival to the address we quickly determined that no one was home.

It was very early in the morning and no lights were on.

No problem, we called the passenger.

He says thanks for calling but I've already been picked up and everything is fine.

Our dispatcher says "but sir the van is in your driveway and you have not been picked up".

Understandably confused he says he is in a van and on his way out of pecan.

We tell him that we don't know who he is with but it is not us.

He had already paid us for his transportation via credit card so we told him to ask the driver if he had been paid as a form of small talk/ice breaker/are you a kidnapper?

This mystery driver says "no you will pay me cash when I get you to the airport."

Our passenger, now clear he is not with the right vehicle says "take me back to my house"

Our van, sitting in his driveway. Looking like the star-ship Enterprise, is approached in the night by a Plymouth Voyager.

The angry driver didn't help the passenger get his stuff out and literally drove off with the side door on his van still slid open.

After talking with the passenger on his trip with US to the airport he told us what had happened.

He made the reservation with us weeks prior to his transportation. But the night before called the wrong number to confirm his ride. Instead of TAS telling him he had the wrong company. They took all of his information and moved up his pick-up time to make sure they had him gone before we got there. Did they think we wouldn't look for him? Make sure he was OK?

So why do they do it?

Is it ok to trick someone into using your service by labeling it something else?

If you had a can labeled your favorite soda, took a drink and it was actually a can of lies and bad service would you not feel swindled and spit it out?

We don't sell franchises. Our reputation is not for rent. We are not a restaurant or automotive repair chain.

If you want to use our name for business purposes i'll let you pass out flyers.

We are number one, Looks like maybe the only one..

When it comes to behaving like a company at least.


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